About Us

Belmont Estate is a historic farm that has been involved in agriculture since the 1600s. We are proud to say that we are 100% Grenadian owned by the Nyack family since 1944.  In 2002 we diversified the business to agri-tourism, and since 2007, has been involved in cottage industry food manufacturing. Over the years we have worked to create a business that aims at  empowering people, transforming lives, supporting our communities and preserving the environment. The devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our local economy forced us to explore new initiatives that would not only generate income but also positively impact the lives of others. Out of this was born the idea to curate a My Grenada Box. The main goal of which is to assist farmers, local manufacturers, entrepreneurs and artisans whose livelihoods have been affected by the pandemic. Further, it seeks to showcase Grenadian products and manufacturers to the world while creating an opportunity for locals abroad to enjoy a taste of home.

Our Agri-Tourism Product

As a multidimensional Agri-Tourism company we provide our guests with a myriad of activities that lends to an authentic farm and tree-to-bar chocolate experience. Our certified organic farm is the hub of our operations, directly and indirectly impacting all our other departments from providing raw materials or the space for activities.

We offer a farm-to-table restaurant experience where our farm produce  and goat cheese are created into delicious local dishes. Our farm produce is also used in the production of teas, condiments, pickles, sauces and other value added products.

One of our main crops is cocoa. We have been growing cocoa since the 1700s,  with three generations of my family being involved in its production.  In 2017 we started our own chocolate company offering a single source tree-to-bar craft chocolate experience. We grow, harvest, ferment, dry and process our own cocoa into chocolate.  Through our tours,  guests have the opportunity to see and even participate in the process from cocoa bean to organic chocolate bar while learning the story of the farmers who work diligently to ensure what results is a quality product that echoes their genuine passions and the rich history of place. 

Being a single sourced craft chocolate company allows us full control over the entire chocolate making process. Our signature flavors - 74% dark, sea salt 60%, dark milk 60% and Pure Grenada spice bar are definitely must haves! We also produce a line of cocoa products that include cocoa powder, hot chocolate, cocoa butter, cocoa nibs and the traditional Grenadian cocoa balls.

Our community is an essential part of our existence. With 95% of our employees residing within the surrounding communities of Tivoli, La Poterie, Hermitage, Carriere, Mt, Rose and River Sallee, we are committed to ensuring that we contribute to continued livelihoods.

We purchase from local farmers helping to provide greater employment opportunities and increased income and spending power; and provide internships to improve skills of young persons.

Through our Belmont Foundation we provide a weekly soup kitchen, Christmas hampers and yearly educational scholarships; assist with medical and housing needs to vulnerable persons,  donate to worthy causes and organize activities that foster social engagement among community members.